Drip is a super simple way to log the water you drink. No account required, no annoying reminders, no excessive charts; just a way record each glass of water and get on with your life.

A podcast about two twentysomethings trying to better understand each other, and our realization that we have no idea what we’re doing in the adult world. Shows are released around every two weeks.

Refrain is an iOS content blocker designed to be used for productivity. It allows you to block distracting websites in Safari to help you stay focused when getting work done on iOS. 


Watcher periodically checks websites for any changes in their HTML code. When the HTML changes, you will be notified based on the alert settings for that website. Inspiration for Watcher came from repeatedly checking John Gruber’s Daring Fireball for tickets to the live recording of The Talk Show to become available.

Mood is an emotional health tracking app that periodically prompts you to enter your current emotional state. Over time, Mood can isolate trends in your emotional health in relation to time of day, physical activity, sleep and more.