We all get distracted when we should be getting work done. Refrain helps you be a little less distracted when you should be doing productive iOS work. Refrain blocks distracting websites from Safari to remove the temptation all together. 

Create a list of distracting websites you don't want to be able to visit while working. Websites on the Distracting Site List will not load in Safari or embedded Safari views in apps. 

To start blocking distracting websites, you need to enable Refrain in the system settings:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to the "Safari" section
  3. Go to the "Content Blockers" section
  4. Enable Refrain

To Add sites to your blocking list, navigate to the blocking list and press the plus (+) button in the top right hand corner. A popup with a text field will allow you to enter in the URL of the distracting website. Press "Add" to add the distracting website to your blocking list.

Extra Features

Refrain also contains some extra features that can be unlocked for a low cost (price varies by country). Extras only need to be purchased once, after that they can be unlocked on any device with the same Apple ID. Any new features added to Refrain will be added as extra features. The current Extras are listed below.

The Curated Blocking List is a large collection we’ve made of commonly distracting websites. The list contains all the major news, social and media websites that could potentially be distracting. If you chose to use the Curated Blocking List but need access to some of the websites included on it, you can remove them manually from your Distracting Site List.


The Blocking Schedule allows you to only block distracting websites during the hours that you want. To enable Scheduled Blocking ensure the "Use Scheduled Blocking" switch is on (orange). Now your Blocking List will only be applied between the hours you've selected, on the days you've selected.